Shanghai, China  An Image Without Substance Is Just A Picture.
Jiangsu Province, China  Concept, Location, And A Great Team! Oh, And Photoshop!  Was there really a paper bridge?
Capim, Brazil  Sometimes It's As Easy As A Subject And A Make Shift Location!
Örebro, Sweden  Nothing Like Coming Up With An Ad Concept On The Fly!
Vermont  Crisp, Clean And Simple With Great Concept!
Brazil  Flying Over The Amazon To A Remote Mine, No Problem!
Brazil  Flying Over The Amazon To A Remote Mine, No Problem!

True Creative Concept And Result Marketing Through Experience In Business...
...all effective marketing starts with a solid foundation!

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Dynamic, award-winning with outstanding success developing and launching marketing plans and campaigns for domestic and international markets. Skilled in concepting, designing and implementing creative marketing campaigns and reducing marketing costs.

Expertise Includes:

• Innovative Marketing Initiatives & Strategies
• Creative Concepts • Industry Analysis
• Web and Print Design
• Product Management • Strategic Planning
• Proficient Adobe Suite • Sales Support
• MS PowerPoint, Excel & Word