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Make that good “first impression”, you may only get one chance…

All of your marketing efforts have to be “spot-on” with no weak links. Wether it’s a simple flyer, business card, all of your marketing has to look polished and professional. You never are always sure what piece of your marketing your customer will get their first impression from.



Web Development / Marketing (SEO)
We have been talking about that “First Impression”. Well the internet is where potential customers go first to research a company before ever even picking up the phone to call your company. Existing on the Internet is no longer enough. Local search engine optimization tactics provide a presence with a purpose at very affordable pricing.

Your Website has become the new “Business Handshake”, yes that’s correct, the first introduction your potential customer has to your company. The new First Impression is not you, your offices or your sales person, it’s your website!


Video – 4K Ultra HD Drone Aerial and Conventional
Lights, Camera, Action! Will keep your audience focused. Whether it’s your own YouTube Channel or video on your website for demonstration purposes, YouTube has become a large marketing tool and very easy to take advantage of if executed correctly.

There is no better way to present your company’s products or services than with a professionally produced video or dvd. Music, voice overs, animation, video, there is no limit.


Brand Development
Designing a logo is just part of a marketing strategy, and just the beginning of brand development. Usually, it is also the first step on the ladder to a successful brand and business.

It’s more than just a pretty face, although, a pretty face plays a good part of that “First Impression”.


Marketing Strategies
To make sure you get the most of your “marketing dollars” every aspect and component of your marketing plan and strategies should be examined to make sure there are no weak links.

Red Dirt Media can examine your strategy or develop a very effective marketing plan and strategy to fit your budget. Marketing does not have to be expensive if done correctly and creatively.


Advertising Concepting & Development
Print is not dead yet!  Print advertising has seen some changes with the evolution of the internet and search engine marketing. A major factor has been the cost of running a print campaign compared to email campaigns, search engine marketing, etc.

But in any effective marketing campaign there should be a variety of marketing avenues that should be explored. Depending on the industry, print can be very successful and cost effective.

As with any good marketing strategy, concept, consistency and execution are crucial. Remember that First Impression!


Trade Show Exhibit Design and Consulting
Whether you already have a booth structure and are only looking for new graphics or you are starting from scratch, Red Dirt Media can design the booth and graphics to fit your budget.

Trade shows are a key to building brand identity and getting face to face time with current or potential customers, like all of your other marketing mediums, your booth design should be consistent with all your concepts and strategies.


Presentations and Interactive Media
Keeping your audiences attention during a presentation is key! What better way to keep them focused than by using an interactive presentation which is non-linear, even include video and animation.

By having a non-linear presentation you can jump to any section or page by utilizing the main and sub-menus.

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